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Must Listen: Top 4 Podcasts For Your Morning Commute

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Are you tired of your playlists on repeat? Want your brain stimulated in a way that’s unrelated to your job? Want to be entertained but learn something at the same time? Podcasts are the answer you've been waiting for. Hear from your favorite people about things you didn't even KNOW you wanted to know. Below are 4 podcasts that we suggest for you. From a brief world news recap to the 12 rules for life, take a look at our suggestions to spunk up your day.


Need your morning fix of news and recent headlines? Listen to the 20-30 minute podcast, The Daily, by the New York Times on your boring commute to work. The show is based on interviews with Times journalists, in which they summarize and comment on their story, complemented by recordings related to the topic, or original reporting such as interviews with the persons involved. Walk into work up to date, ready to impress your boss with an intelligent conversation about the world around you.

New episodes release every Monday.


You may know him from "The Outliers" or "Blink", Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist and writer best known for his unique perspective on popular culture. Revisionist History is a podcast, written and spoken by the man himself, explaining things that are under-explained and overlooked. Learn about things that nobody spends time analyzing. If you're interested in understanding why the LSATs are flawed, the science behind a Mcdonald's french fry, or how to go from a person to a genius, Revisionist History is the podcast for you.

“Revisionist History gives me a taste of how we should be thinking about things. Nothing should be overlooked and everything is here for a reason. It brings me those “a-ha” moments when I listen to Malcolm describe something so under-looked.” – Emily Nolfi


Former NHL vets Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette come together to bring their outspoken and irrelevant opinions with Barstool Sports. This podcast focuses mostly on the NHL, but also touches on pop culture and other buzzing topics. Give it a listen for a good laugh and some great insight.

New episodes release every Monday and Thursday.

“Spittin Chiclets is one of my favorite podcasts because listeners get to hear a very different perspective on the hockey world from the hilarious guys at Barstool and talented players. It gives all us washed-up hockey players the chance to relive some of our best memories by hearing their stories and experiences playing the game” – William Watters


Do you miss Oprah Winfrey? Well, do not fret. SuperSoul Conversations is her podcast that focuses on the deeper meaning of the world around us through interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries as well as health and wellness experts. Hear from the Central Park Five on their story and where they are now, along with Tara Westover, the author of Educated about her childhood and personal success.

New episodes every Monday and Wednesday.

“The conversations between Oprah and her guests are incredibly inspiring and allow you to listen to stories of people through all walks of life that ultimately encourage listeners to discover and be their authentic self” – Rosamond Duffield

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