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Summer 2019: AJR Making Waves

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

QCEI is very excited to introduce “The QCEInsider”, a blog for entertainment news, updates and reviews. If you’re in need of a weekly dose of not only what’s going on, but what’s coming up, QCEInsider is the answer. From new releases to business updates to an event timeline, be sure to check us out every Sunday for a new post.

To kick things off: you're sleeping on the perfect summer band and that needs to change.

AJR is a DIY indie-pop group of brothers who write, produce and mix their own material from the living room of their apartment. Adam, Jack and Ryan started by performing on the streets of New York City and after 3 EPs have just released their first album, “Neotheatre”, which you can check out here. The band's musical influences include Frankie Valli, The Beach Boys and none other than Kanye West. If we had to sum up their sound to only one word, it'd be: unexpected.

While this music will no doubt put you in a good mood, we invite you to pay closer attention to the lyrics. The theory behind their music is derived from their own childhood nostalgia, be it speaking to the fear of growing up ("Next Up Forever") or their deep-rooted love for the office ("Netflix Trip"). If you haven’t heard “Sober Up”, it will hands down become your Summer 2019 anthem.

In other exciting news: Check out QCEI's very first INSTAGRAM BRACKET CHALLENGE. Tune in this Monday, June 10th to @officialqcei on Instagram to have a say in which show will win the title of BEST NETFLIX ORIGINAL TV SERIES. You could have a chance to win line skip to Ale House if you vote in every poll!!

Here is a sneak peek of summer bracket challenge’s rules:

1. Check out the full round bracket on Monday morning at 9:00 am.

2. Vote in the polls on our Instagram story for your favourite of each pairing! Check-in each morning to see which options have advanced to the next round, and keep voting.

3. The winning choice will be revealed on Friday, stay tuned!

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