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Working 9-5, What A Way To Make A Living!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Even with a job you love, working 9-5 can sometimes be a grind. We get you. Sometimes all you need is some great music to lift your mood or get you in the work mood when you’re feeling tired. Curated by QCEI, here are 5 playlists for the 9-5 workday.

Let’s start your day off right. Our “Morning Commute” playlist is a mix of old feel-good classics new upbeat tunes. Whether you commute by public transit, in your car, or by foot, these tracks are certain to lift your mood and get your toes tapping.

Now that you’re awake and at the office, it’s time to get to work. Sip your coffee and ease into the workday with the “Get to Work!” playlist of acoustic pop and chill hits. It’s sure to get you into work mode and give you those chill morning ~vibes~ we all love.

Anyone who works a 9-5 job knows how hard that 3pm fatigue can hit. You’ve worked a full morning, eaten some lunch, and now it’s time to power through the afternoon. Instead of reaching for another coffee, hit play on this “Afternoon Energy Boost” playlist of up-beat pop hits that will keep you focused until the end of the workday.

When 5 pm rolls around it’s time to press play on the “Home Free” playlist. Reward yourself for your hard day with this playlist that is miraculously hype and super chill at the same time. This mix of laid-back indie-rock and pop is the perfect soundtrack for grabbing an after-work drink with friends or just for hanging out and relaxing.

When evening rolls around and it’s time to wind down, our “Evening Wind Down” playlist is the perfect way to slow down and get ready for bed. Work this playlist of slow tracks into your bedtime routine or even play it as you fall asleep. We promise you’ll have the best sleep of your life! Oh, and don’t forget to queue up the “Morning Commute” to start tomorrow off right too.

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