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Speaker Panels focus on educating delegates on current issues in diverse fields of the entertainment industry. This will offer a broad perspective of multiple disciplines in order to effectively encompass all aspects of the industry. The panel will be theme focused to feature relevant topics related to entertainment.


Networking events provide delegates the ability to interact on a personal level with industry professionals. This will further their understanding of how to break into the industry, while forming lasting connections with company representatives.


Workshops offer delegates the opportunity to experience an active learning environment to enhance their understanding of the management perspective within the industry. This will be demonstrated through a focus on real-world problem solving scenarios.


Special events will highlight the true experience of entertainment and focus on the passion of our delegates. These events demonstrate the glamorous aspect of the entertainment industry and shows the culmination of an entertainment project.


Dear Prospective Partner,


Thank you for your interest in the Queen’s Conference on the Entertainment Industry (QCEI). On behalf of our entire team, we are incredibly excited to invite you to one of Canada’s premier entertainment-focused business conferences for undergraduate students.


QCEI’s mission is to inspire students to pursue their passions in entertainment by educating them about the business management side of the industry and offering career-building opportunities to enable them to pursue those passions. Building upon our inaugural success, we have increased our delegate capacity, expanded our brand network and welcomed top external delegates to the QCEI experience. This year, we plan on growing the conference further in many ways, most notably by offering our delegates and corporate sponsors numerous opportunities to make valuable connections. We have a number of other initiatives planned and given the incredible demand, the possibilities for success are endless.


Entering our fifth year, we will continue our focus of educating and inspiring students to consider entertainment as a viable career option through keynote addresses, interactive workshops, speaker panels, and special events. As a corporate partner, your firm will have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression with our delegates, build your brand amongst Canada’s developing leaders, and most importantly, have access to recruit the most passionate students.


We encourage you to learn more about our conference, as we believe you are a perfect fit to partner with us. Together, we are confident that we will be able to deliver one of the most insightful and inspiring conferences for our delegates and partners. We would be honoured to have you be a part of the Queen’s Conference on the Entertainment Industry.


Colour outside of the lines,

QCEI Co-Chairs



Sophie Johnson

Cole McAleese

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